5 (Quiet) Ways to Solve In-Class Hunger Pains

You know the drill. Before class you’re never hungry. During class you’re suddenly starving.  Nothing is more distracting than hunger pains. Snacking while listening can be the key to soaking up knowledge and stopping your awkward stomach grumbles from embarrassing you.  But the apple and chips in your bag need to go.  Crunching and spit-spraying are not classroom or library approved.

The school year just started, and you don’t want to alienate any potential friends/study buddies. And let’s not forget those less-than-desirable smells. Avoid tuna, garlic or any other smelly food that could fill a cramped classroom.  Be careful not to bring items that are common food allergies such as peanut butter. Even the smell can set off a classmate’s allergic reaction.

So now that we know the unspoken classroom food rules, let’s talk about the awesome snacks you CAN eat (& share)!

  1. Dried Fruit

This is a great healthy snack to bring to class. The chewiness doesn’t make much noise, and makes it fun to eat. Grab a bag at the Marketplace before class!

  1. Smoothie

We love this option because it’s completely soundless, yet packs a big punch.  Have a few classes in a row? Put in protein powder, flax seeds and even some spinach for extra power.

  1. Jerky

This snack may not be for everyone, but the protein content is super high. Protein is one of the top ingredients to kill hunger on the spot. Jerky lasts long, doesn’t smell and isn’t messy. Win-Win!

  1. Hummus & Pita Bread

Don’t worry vegetarians, we didn’t forget about you! Hummus is a great substitute for meat proteins. And the soft pita bread provides the carbs to keep your energy up all day long.

  1. Licorice

We all have a sweet tooth. Take the edge off with this low-sugar sweet. These are also great for sharing. So those group projects don’t have to be such a drag!

Grab one of these quiet, smell-free snacks, and get ready to soak up knowledge… no growling stomach involved!