March Madness: Female Chefs Spice Up the Month

Yes, March has been full of madness. Upsets and one-point differentials have made this month certainly live up to its name. Not to mention the stellar performances from both our men’s and women’s basketball teams… GO ZAGS!

But did you know March is also Women’s History Month? Zag Dining wants to share delicious dishes from inspirational female chefs around the culinary world. This Thursday the BARC will feature cuisine crafted by some exceptionally talented women.

To give you a little taste, we thought it appropriate to highlight 5 influential female chefs in America. From a White House Executive Chef to TV personalities, the women are making their mark on a profession previously dominated by men. These culinary masters are as diverse and unique as the cuisine they bring to the table.

  1. Cristeta Comerford


Born in the Phillipines, Cristeta was the first White House Executive Chef to be of Asian descent. She assumed office in 2005 due to her creativity and ability to perform under pressure. Having immigrated at the tender age of 23, she quickly climbed the ranks with her undeniable talent.

  1. Julia Child


Famous for bringing French cuisine to America, Julia was loved by the American public for her lively personality. A published author and TV personality, she immersed her culinary talent into a variety of medias.

  1. Lidia Bastianich


A published author, restaurateur and TV personality, Lidia made Italian cooking easy for the average American. Her talent was recognized when she received an Emmy in 2013 for Outstanding Culinary Host.

  1. Barbara Smith


Sweet southern style cooking is how “B” Smith became a household name. As the owner of three renowned restaurants in the northeastern United States, she prides herself on bringing the south to New York.

  1. Alice Waters


Known for being the pioneer of California cuisine, Alice uses organic and locally grown ingredients in most of her recipes. She is also an activist for school lunch reform and universal access to organic foods.

These pioneering women have cracked the glass ceiling of the culinary industry. With their distinct cultural passions, the women have mastered the art of cookery. So trust us… you don’t want to miss the delicious food prepared in honor of their talent. See you Thursday!


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