The Do’s and Don’ts of Your New Year’s Resolution

Welcome to the last week of January. We have finally settled into second semester. Our books are shipped in, homework begins to pile upon our desks and the holiday months are soon to be missed.

As the New Year barrels forward we leave those gluttonous months far behind us. All we have left is our New Years’ Resolutions and the never-ending search for this thing called ‘motivation’.

You are not alone in this search. Over 80% of adults who made New Years’ resolutions related to health were unable to make any significant steps towards eating healthy, exercising or relieving stress by March, according to a 2010 poll by the American Psychological Association.


Zag dining wants to ensure you are the 20% that make it. Let’s get motivated to prove these statistics wrong. To help you do this, we delved into the psychology behind the do’s and don’ts of the New Year’s Resolution.

Do Fine-tune

So you came up with this brilliant resolution to never eat sugar again. While it may be possible, it’s not realistic. The first step to achieving your goal is to understand altering the resolution is okay. We all have grandiose plans at the beginning of the year. Tweaking the content allows the goal to seamlessly fit into your environment. Let the resolution become second nature.


Do Incentivize

Rewarding yourself is an easy way to keep the ball rolling. However, choosing those rewards is the tough part. Incentivize your weekly goals with things that are for you… and only you! Treat yourself to a trip to the spa or an hour of goofing off online. Then jump back into the next week refreshed and ready!

 Speedometer - Yes I Can

Do Tell

By making your resolutions public, you will be motivated to complete them. Tell your friends, family and co-workers. They will be more apt to encourage and inspire you throughout your journey as well. Who knows, you may get a workout partner out of it as well!


Don’t Compare

The worst thing you can do is compare yourself to others. Seems like a basic concept, yet we do it all the time. While having a workout partner can be motivating, it can often lead to unnecessary comparison.  Your health goals are unique to you. No one is the same. Mutual support and comradery is all that should be taken away from a resolution partner.


Don’t Stress About Mess-Ups

We saved the best for last. DO NOT GET HUNG UP ON YOUR MISTAKES. This rewinds and destroys resolutions. Tell yourself up front that you will make mistakes. It is not about the fall, but how you pick yourself back up. Lean on your friends and family for help. And always remember to give yourself a day off. Slow and steady wins the race!


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