Cuisine for the Cold

As the wall of artic cold begins its march towards Spokane, we’re struggling to keep warm. And bundling up in a ton of layers only does so much.

Stop trying to keep in the heat.  You have to produce the heat! Your body can handle these frigid temperatures, but only if it’s being fed the right sorts of foods.

Here are 5 foods that will warm up both your body and soul 🙂

  1. Spices

Cumin, nutmeg and cinnamon all go well with fall/winter drinks and dishes. Sprinkle some in your coffee or add some ginger to your turkey.  These spices will warm you up, and boost your immune and digestive systems as well!

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  1. Whole Grains

Complex carbohydrates are one of the most essential ingredients to keeping your body warm. They give your body the fuel to get through the day, while providing long-lasting heat as well. Brown rice, oats and quinoa are great options to pair with any type of meat dish.


  1. Oils

Our personal favorite is coconut oil. It lends itself to a variety of uses both in and outside the kitchen. Use it as a moisturizer or as a replacement for vegetable oil.  The health benefits are greater, and it metabolizes quicker making it easier for your body to use it for warmth.


  1. Fats

Nobody ever connects the word fat to something good.  However, healthy fats will keep you warm while giving you the vital nutrients you need. Nuts and avocados are some of the best healthy fats to choose from.  Nuts are a great on-the-go snack, so bring a bag with you to work or class!

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  1. Soups & Hot Drinks

Yes, these are both pretty obvious.  However, we tend to forget how convenient soups and drinks are. If you’re in a rush to class, a warm drink/soup mug is a great way to cozy up without wasting time.


So next time you think your ears, nose and toes are about to fall off from the cold, grab one of these foods. The key is to warm yourself up from the inside out!


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