Simply Sustainable

You’ve heard of sustainability. You know using excess water, electricity, and gas has an effect on the environment. You’ve seen the reusable grocery bags at the checkout line. The Green Revolution has grown before our eyes. We are a generation that is surrounded by “green”. So where do you fit in?

Quite frankly, there’s no need to fit in.  Your everyday life leads you down the path to sustainability. Simple changes will make a difference.

It’s easier than you think:



Action: Replace old light bulbs with new fluorescent bulbs

Benefit to You: Save $50 a year per light bulb

Benefit to Earth: 1 light bulb saves 400 kilowatts & last 9 years


Action: Turn off computers at night

Benefit to You: Prevents computer from overheating – Saves money on power bill

Benefit to Earth: Saves 40 watt hours per day


Action: Don’t preheat the oven

Benefit to You: Prevents food from burning – Food cooks quicker

Benefit to Earth: On average saves 10 minutes of power



Action: Print on both sides of the paper

Benefit to You: Save on ink & paper – Less sheets to keep track of

Benefit to Earth: Conserves half of the 21 million tons of paper thrown away each year

 download (1)

Action: Use 1 less paper towel/napkin

Benefit to You: Saves around $62 a year

Benefit to Earth: A billion pounds of napkins could be saved if everyone used 1 less

 download (2)

Action: Plant a tree

Benefit to You: Improves value of home – Reduces cooling bills

Benefit to Earth: Combats the greenhouse effect – Absorbs pollutants


images (1)

Action: Cut shower by 2 minutes

Benefit to You: You have a few extra minutes in the morning to relax

Benefit to Earth: Conserves over 5 gallons of water per minute

 download (3)

Action: Take showers not baths

Benefit to You: Saves money on water and energy bills

Benefit to Earth: Taking showers cuts water consumption in half

images (2)

Action: Use reusable water bottles

Benefit to You: Saves money – A healthier option

Benefit to Earth: Prevents plastic bottles from emitting toxins while sitting in landfills

For more information on sustainability, check out this fun animated YouTube video!


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