In Case You Missed It!

Serveathon Photo Contest & Results

This April, the Sodexo Foundation facilitated a photo contest centered around the platform Help Stop Hunger. The participants’ goal was to submit a photo that depicted a serveathon to Sodexo Foundation’s Facebook page, and have the public vote for their favorite one by “liking” it.


Our photo submission! Chef Tompall receiving a hug from a young guest at our Serveathon. The boy just wanted to show his gratitude, and melted our hearts in the process.

On April 30th, the voting period came to an end, and we are proud to announce that Zag Dining came in 1st place!!! I know, I know, you’re dying to know what the prize is, right?! First place receives a $3,000 grant that will be awarded to the charity of their choice. Pretty cool! Many thanks to everyone who “liked” our photo, and encouraged others to do the same — this was truly a joint effort! We look forward to furthering our community service efforts.

Real Food Challenge

The Real Food Challenge is a commitment to have 25% of the food served on campus be “real” by the year 2020. This means that 25% of the food that is served will be sourced from local and community-based providers who are fair, humane, and ecologically sound. Thayne McCulloh (President of Gonzaga), Chuck Faulkinberry (Sodexo’s District Manager), and Breanne Flynn (President of GU’s EAT Club), came together to speak briefly about the pledge and sign it in front of a crowd. It should be noted that we are receiving a lot of praise for our participation in this, as we are the FIRST Jesuit University to sign this pledge. Click here to see photos!

Earth Day & iCommit

To celebrate Earth Day, some of Zag Dining’s retail locations, along with the BARC served up some meals on firsbees instead of dishes {hello water conservation!}, and also put on a photo campaign! Individuals wrote how they were going to commit to being more green on a piece of recycled cardboard. They then posed for a photo holding their hand-made signs that were uploaded into an album that can be found here on our Facebook page.


Congratulations to all of the Zag Dining employees who participated in and survived this widely popular event! We produced 3 teams, one of which — Team Ketchup! — came in 10th place in the Corporate Cup. Amazing! This was a wonderful way for us to get involved with the community and get a little (okay, a LOT of) exercise. Go team!



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