Bulldogs Score Big with Waste-Free Night

Basketball games at Gonzaga are an unforgettable experience. Students go to unbelievable lengths to get a seat at these games, one of the most notable being camping out in the snow. Due to the popularity of the sport, Zag Dining partnered with GU Athletics and student organizations to host their first Zero Waste event during a basketball game.


Our Zero Waste event took place on February 13th, as Men’s Basketball took on Pepperdine University. Zero Waste stations were setup around the arena and looked after by a large group of volunteers. The volunteers were made up entirely of student athletes who were there to make sure that there was no mix up in the process.

Fans were enthusiastic about the event and really embraced our goal of Zero Waste. Our results were phenomenal, as well. The grand total collected, including trash, was 1,105.2 lbs, but out of that, 954.8 lbs were compost and recycled materials.

  • 150.4 lbs of trash were collected
  • 364.3 lbs of recyclables were collected
  • 590.5 lbs of compost were collected

Overall, the night was a slam dunk, especially for the environment! Kelly Keller, Concessions Manager, said she hopes to one day make this a part of every basketball game. Thanks to everyone who participated in our Zero Waste Night!


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