Zag Dining Spotlight Series | Liz Summers


Elizabeth Summers was born and raised in Spokane, Washington. When looking for jobs, she saw an advertisement on a website as a cook for Zag Dining and immediately knew she wanted to work within the Gonzaga community. She has worked for Sodexo for five and a half years and plans to further her career in the culinary field.

Have you always been interested in cooking and/or the food industry?
E: “Growing up, my mother always had me in the kitchen cooking and baking so I knew I would one day become a cook.”

What is your favorite dish to cook as well as your personal favorite dish?
E: “One of my favorite dishes to cook is smother burritos with Mexican rice. My personal favorite dish is sweet & sour chicken over jasmine rice with an Asian vegetable blend.”

What does a typical day look like for you?
E: “My typical day is getting up at 4 a.m. and getting ready for work. After work, I head home to cook dinner for my boyfriend and our two daughters, then do a little laundry, homework with the kids and get ready for bed.”

What do you like best about working for Sodexo?
E: “I love working for Sodexo because I learn something new every day. I love the students and the work environment.”

What changes would you like to see as well as features implemented in the new BARC?
E: “The BARC was an amazing kitchen to come to after being in the COG for five years. I would love to see more an of ice cream bar and a better system to the dish return area.”

Do you miss anything about the COG?
E: “I learned a lot working at the COG. The COG was old and needed to be replaced.”

What features do you like best about the BARC?
E: “The BARC is awesome! I love that it’s spaced out and more room to work. I also love the changes we make daily to better the BARC.”

Interview conducted by Leslie Jacobs // Graphics created by Courtney Mueller


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