It’s National Nutrition Month!

If you didn’t already know, March is National Nutrition month! Now is the perfect time to stay true to those New Year resolutions and get healthy! Having a nutritious diet doesn’t mean you have to eat boring salads and egg whites 24/7. There are many ways to maintain a nutritious diet without feeling like you are depriving yourself. Sometimes, baby steps trump going cold turkey when transitioning from a less than healthy diet to one that your body will better appreciate. So don’t feel bad if you can’t change your eating habits at the drop of a hat — it’s not realistic. Subtle changes here and there will eventually add up. Slow and steady wins the race!

Something that’s likely been engrained in you since you were a child is the old, “Eat your vegetables, they’ll make you big and strong!” Shout out to parents everywhere, because as silly as that may sound, it really is as simple as that. There are so many vegetables out there that can nourish your body in many different ways. AND, it is pretty easy to find some that will appeal to your taste buds and most importantly, the temple that is your body. Check out the infographic below to see what I’m talking about!

Vegetable Ranking

I have as big a sweet tooth as the next person, so cutting back on sugar is no walk in the park for me, BUT, as great as a pint of ice cream might taste after a long day, it’s really not worth it. That little carton of happiness, as I like to call it, is going to give you a sugar overload and put too many bad things like excessive calories and fat into your body. Why eat that, when you could eat a bunch more, do less damage and get MORE nutrition. Your body will thank you immensely by making you feel more energetic and less lethargic. It’ll also prevent you from having a huge sugar crash when all is said and done. Trust me!


And if you really need a sweet fix, don’t shy away from fruit! They are low cal and full of vitamins. Take the apple for example. Rumor has it they keep the doctor away, so why not snack on one? Plus, there are so many varieties of apples, it’s insane. You have a lot of freedom in choosing what suits your taste buds best, whether it be a tart Granny Smith, or a sweet Gala. Throw some peanut butter in the mix and you’ve got yourself a healthy and delicious snack. It will leave you feeling satisfied and give your body a little dose of what it needs.


So whether your trying to stick to your 2014 resolutions, prepping for Bloomsday, or just wanna be healthier darn it, remember that having a nutritious diet is never a bad idea, and it’s never too late to start one! Eat those fruits and veggies — you’ll thank yourself later. Good luck, and happy eating! 🙂


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  1. I really enjoy these Zag Bites – thank you for providing this information.

    Sheri Fitzthum, Staff Accountant
    Athletic Department
    509-313-5787 (fax)
    [Description: Description: Description: cid:image001.png@01CC0B10.EAE721A0]”Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” T. S. Eliot

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