Find Your Pinspiration!

We’ve all been there. It’s the middle of the night. You should probably turn in, or cram one last time for that test that promises to slay you if you don’t. So what are you actually doing? Surfing. And no, I don’t mean the warm, foamy waves of the SoCal coast. No, no. The Internet. Maybe you’re not on social media auto-pilot, but chances are likely that you are. Pinterest has become many individual’s poison of choice lately. It’s useful, it’s fun, and not to mention easy to navigate. The possibilities  are virtually endless, especially now that most sites like this have gone mobile.


Do I sound like a crazed, hoarding lunatic, yet? Hopefully not. If you are a student, or social media friendly by any means, I am sure you can understand what I am talking about. Time flies when you get comfortable on social media sites. You can never just do a simple check-in … it always becomes a marathon of sorts. And if anyone knows about marathons, it’s photogenic marathon man. (See below)


To get the point, here is what I would like to announce: Sodexo has a new promotion going on until the end of the month called, “Find Your Pinspiration.” This promotion, as the title would suggest, involves the use of Pinterest. All you have to do is visit the link I provided below, submit your info, and add a pin or two to their boards. You don’t even have to be an avid pinner … you don’t even have to pin at all, if that’s not your jam. You can simply submit your info for a chance to win the prizes.


Courtesy UHH Campus Dining

For all you skeptics out there, contests and promotions like these are not a scam. For example, the promotion Sodexo put on last semester called, “Share That U Care,” acquired a number of winners from various institutions. This particular one is great because it combines the use of social media, which is something you most likely have experience with, and lots of free goodies! I’m going to be perfectly honest here — the prizes they’re offering are inSANE, and not cheap by any means.


16 winners will be chosen, so your chances of winning are pretty decent. You really have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain. If I was still a student, I would definitely put my hat in the ring on this one. Check out the image above to see what the prize pack includes. Amazing, right? Don’t miss out on this one! If you’re going to procrastinate on that schoolwork of yours, you might as well get something out of it, right?! Go for it, and good luck, my lovely Zags! 🙂

Link to Enter |


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