Seasons Greetings

Twas the week before finals, when all through the BARC,

A meal was a-brewing for those from the dark.


Red stockings were doled by Zag Dining with care,

In hopes that they’d ease the pre-finals ware.


The room was buzzing as dinner was served,

While visions of Zags danced, achieving the curve.


Students dined on prime rib, while others on ham;

It was so reminiscent of meals home with the fam.

When down by the entrance there rose squeals of joy,

If our Zags were British, they’d surely say, “OY!”


There were headphones and iHomes, and a flatscreen to spare,

The winners came forth to claim their prizes with care.


Santa, his elves, and Spike were all there,

To give stockings and chestnuts, and celebrate with flair.


The night was a success,

Some say twas a blast;

Students have completed their Fall semester at last


Happy Holidays to one,

Happy Holidays to all;

We will see you in Spring,

Just before Fall.


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