You Asked, We Listened!

In order to effectively cater to the needs of you, the student population, it is crucial that we keep our ears bent. In addition, we chat with GSBA, food committees, and other representatives to keep the communication flowing! We invite your comments and concerns, so that we can turn them into constructive solutions. Thanks to your input, we have been able to tweak our programs in ways that many of you expressed a desire to see! To find out what they were, read on below!

Jamba Juice

Per your request, we have lowered the price of smoothies at Jamba Juice. This change was completely understandable, as college students are very keen on saving money (especially when they have loans awaiting and/or lack of employment). The last thing anyone wants after a tough day of class, or a hardcore workout, is to come to the sweet escape that is Jamba Juice, only to have the Monopoly man take away all of their money. Well, in response, we’ve dropped the prices, because nothing makes us happier than seeing you and your wallet happy!

To Go Lunch

This next change is more of a resurgence, if you will.  Meal plan holders can now enjoy Simply to Go once again! We have decided to utilize the Zaggin’ Wagon to hand out said meals. But don’t get it twisted – typical Zaggin’ Wagon fare will not be returning until next semester, but you can still get the to-go option here! Here’s how it works: One swipe gets you a full loaded, customized lunch! You have your choice of a sandwich: turkey, PB & J, tuna, or a veggie wrap. Sides include whole fruit, potato chips and cookies. Lastly, you have your choice of soda or juice. Yum! Hopefully this helps you guys that don’t want to trek down to the BARC, or are on a tight schedule. Tell your friends!

Longer Hours & Dinner at LoCro

Another adjustment we’ve made for you lovely Zags is an Early Bird option of sorts! The BARC will now begin serving dinner at 4:30pm instead of 5pm. Those of you with night classes, intramurals, early bedtime – take note! We wanted to help you get a substantial meal in and not have to inhale it Hoover style to do so. Opening earlier will also cut down on lines for the rest of you who like to show up a bit later in the evening. Win win!

Another special somethin’ we’ve got brewing is our “Close to Home” entrée selection! Come grab some comfort food in LoCro every night from 4 – 6pm! Reasonably priced, totally delicious! Don’t miss out!

In closing, we just want to emphasize that we are always listening and always here to help in any way that we can. This is your school, after all! Please don’t hesitate to give us feedback, whether it be positive or negative! You can do that by accessing or social media sites, joining a food club/organization, communicating with GSBA, writing a comment card, or simply telling one of our staff members in person! It takes so little time to do and can have a huge impact – in a good way! What could be better than making your Zag life better?!


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