Zombies Attack Gonzaga


This Halloween, terror struck as zombies descended upon the grounds of GU. The unexpected visitors took over one of the Zag Dining offices, and proceeded to make it their headquarters for the night. They even changed the sign out front to read, “Zombie Dining” … in blood. But what’s a Zombie home unless its lawn is scattered with tombstones and skeletons? No home at all, that’s what. Some of the epitaphs were uncomfortably rude, as Elvis’ read, “Deal with it.” Another was a bit tongue in cheek regarding GU’s religious stance — “A. Theist: All dressed up and nowhere to go.” But the most popular were those of schools passed. Schools that GU dominated in basketball, which is arguably the school’s first love. Students whipped out their phones and giggled as they read many of the clever epitaphs, such as this LMU’s: “Laid to rest, could not handle playing the best.”


After the zombies set up shop and got things looking extra grotesque, the real fun began. They lined the block offering food and drink to passerby. Many were eager for a refreshment, while others went pale and tried to avoid eye contact with the creepy guests. The menu consisted of a brew served by their witch friends who also made an appearance. The steam flowing from the top of the cauldrons was enough to draw in the chilled students, but the taste was even better. Ahhh…our plan worked…just as we hoped…uhhh, I mean, nevermind. Also on the menu was popcorn, zombie dogs, and candy for days. Some of the more aggressive zombies even approached cars at the nearby crosswalk in attempts to poison them with said sugary snacks.


Overall, the night was a spooktacular success. Many students grabbed handfuls of the zombie fare, even though most were on their way to BARC for dinner. Some stopped by on their way back, before disappearing into the night. The crowd was a lively one. The zombies witnessed everyone from Max of Where the Wild Things Are, to many a minion, to other fairy-like creatures. As the sun set, and the darkness settled, the zombies slowly made their way back into the abyss…until next year, that is…

Special thanks to Chuck Faulkinberry, Pat Faulkinberry, Taylor Faulkinberry, Dan Harris, Gaylene Harris, Tompall Nichols, Courtney Mueller, Sodexo & RHA. We couldn’t have pulled this off without all of you! Many thanks.

If you want to see the entire album of photos [which you definitely do!], head to the following link & enjoy: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.605494189516792.1073741834.138306019568947&type=3


One thought on “Zombies Attack Gonzaga

  1. Enjoyed the email and the pictures as well!! ☺

    Is the Zaggin’ Wagon closed for the winter?

    Sheri Fitzthum, Staff Accountant
    Athletic Department
    509-313-5787 (fax)
    [Description: Description: Description: cid:image001.png@01CC0B10.EAE721A0]

    “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” T. S. Eliot

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