Sustainability Week 2013

Day 1

Students had the opportunity to plant and take home Marigolds. We demonstrated recycling by using souvenir cups from the most recent season of Zag hoops, in place of a traditional pot. The cups alone were enough to draw the attention of students, but once they learned what they were for, interest piqued. The mini plants students walked out with are easy to take care of, and can easily fit on a windowsill or shelf in a dorm. Plus, they brighten up the place once they start to bloom! In addition to planting, students signed a recycled banner declaring how they would “save the planet.” Examples were: taking shorter showers, turning off the lights when not in use, and recycling more often. The banner was then hung in the BARC for the remainder of the week.

Day 2

Students had a blast from the past on this one. We set up two long tables with all of the makings of a PB & J sandwich. This simple, fun, and hands-on activity allowed students to hone their inner child, and support a good cause. While some made one PB & J, others really got into it, and churned out multiple. Like sandwich making machines. And for that, we are very, very thankful. 🙂 The sandwiches [of which there were about 260] were ultimately donated to Union Gospel Mission’s Women & Children Services.

Day 3

A station was setup where students had the chance to write down positive comments on note cards about their favorite dining team members. Jeffrey was recognized for his sweet dance moves and positive energy, Daya had many recognize her for her genuine way of saying, “Have a nice day.” And of course, Peachy Kay was a crowd favorite, for just being…well…peachy! But those were just a few of the heartfelt comments left by students for the people that run the dining program.

Recycle Man also made an appearance on this day. It was a surprise to many students, as we didn’t announce that he was going to be visiting. Regardless, it’s not everyday that you see a full grown man in a skin tight body suit and cape. He passed out cards and happily posed for pictures with staff and students alike, who were eager to whip out their phones for proof of their sighting.

Day 4

This day included the serving of solely local food at the sandwich station. Freshly carved turkey, veggies, and local bread were on the menu. This was an act done to cut down on water usage. Students seemed to enjoy the change in fare, as well.

Our in-house dietitian, Garnet Davis, was also on site to chat with students about their sugar intake. She had a display of food & drink, with sugar cubes in front of each, illustrating how much sugar was in each product. Everything from the ever popular frappuccino to a cup of low fat yogurt was out. Some stopped by to find out more, but the display alone was enough to garner reactions [puzzled faces, jaw drops, the works]. Others simply looked like they wanted to ingest everything on the table — but hey, it was lunch time. Can’t blame ’em.

Day 5

On Friday, we had a display of Shepherd’s Grain products, and the opportunity to talk with one of their farmer’s, Fred. For those who may not know, Shepherd’s Grain is a no-till wheat farm. This means that they are preserving the soil in which they are planting. This results in decreased erosion, and the promotion of healthy, fruitful soil.

If you would like to see pictures from the week, here is the link to our Facebook album:

You can also find us on Twitter & Pinterest! Simply search ZagDining. 🙂


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