Hydroponics Experience Coming Up!



Calling all sustainable and curious Zags, staff and student alike! Next Wednesday, October 9th, Sodexo will be hosting a FREE field trip to the C & S Hydro Huts. Not familiar with hydroponics? According to the C & S website, hydroponic plants are plants grown in water instead of soil. All of the nutrients that they need are circulated directly to the roots. This enables plants to spend less energy creating root systems, and more energy developing fruits, flowers, and leaves.

“Compared with traditional farming, these hydroponic plants develop faster and produce higher yields, and we can harvest year round. Our produce contains higher nutrient levels and superior flavor because we pick it at the peak of ripeness and deliver it fresh locally.” 

Hydroponic farming is incredibly sustainable and green, as it cuts down on water usage. The amount of water a hydroponic farm uses is about 90% less than a conventional farm does. Another reason the system is so green is because soil is not being used, which in turn saves the resources found within it. In addition, this farm uses zero chemicals. The end result? Little to no waste. 

So, why C & S? Their connection to Gonzaga & the Spokane community in general. The man behind it all, Stewart Fry, is the individual who designed and helped build the hydroponic system here at GU [find it in BARC!]. He is also an integral part of planning the greenhouse that is set to be a part of the upcoming University Center. Stewart and his wife, Cheryl, also operate year round, supplying Spokane with fresh produce by the thousands.

For more information, please visit www.cshydrohuts.com.

Details on the trip are as follows:

Wednesday October 9th, 2013

3:15pm Depart from campus [Desmet Circle]

3:30pm Arrive & take tour of C & S

4:30pm Depart C & S

4:45pm Arrive back at campus

PLEASE NOTE: An additional trip will be offered on October 17th for students and faculty who cannot make the first one. Details for that trip are as follows:

11:15am Depart from campus [Desmet Circle]

11:30am Arrive & take tour of C & S

12:30pm Depart C & S

12:45pm Arrive back at campus

 Anyone interested MUST sign up. Please send all requests and inquiries to: kanderson9@zagmail.gonzaga.edu

[Photo Courtesy of C & S Hydro Huts]


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