Hispanic Heritage Celebration a Success!

This past week’s celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month at the BARC went off with a bang, or in this case, an ole. Students walking through the doors were surprised when greeted with vibrant Spanish decor and festive music to accompany it. However, the impressive display was not what ultimately won the students over. It was the tantalizing mix of smells coming from the center of the room.


The obvious crowd favorite was the carne asada taco. The line for the made-to-order dish never seemed to cease, and neither did the piles of the sugary sweet churros that lingered nearby. Some students walked off with platefuls of the dessert and nothing more! Others enjoyed the chicken and pork dishes, while vegetarians chowed down on a delicious tofu tinga.


The BARC did a great job fostering an event that not only gave students a break from the norm, but a chance to recognize and celebrate a particular culture. Sombreros off to the staff that made this event a total success. We’re sure that the stomachs of students who experienced the night would happily agree.


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