Sustainability Challenge Day 3: Sourcing

At Zag Dining, we take sourcing seriously. We not only care about our environment, but we also want to help support our local economy and community. That is why we try and source local wherever and whenever we can while also accommodating our wide range of guests needs.

Here are the specials we are running today:

  1. Our famous Shepherd’s Grain (Local, sustainable wheat) Cinnamon Rolls made fresh every day are just 99¢ today! Available in all retail locations.
  2. In LoCro, buy one of our Shepherd’s Grain homemade sourdough bread bowls and soup and receive a free 16oz Fair Trade Jazzman’s Latte with flavor.
  3. Iggy’s Shepherd’s Grain Pick-Up Special-$5 for cheese or pepperoni pizza
  4. The COG will be serving MSC Certified Sustainable Seafood for lunch including Volcano Spiced Yellowfin Tuna sesame rice, cucumber namasu, wasabi soy cilantro sauce
  5. The COG will also be testing their new homemade Shepherd’s Grain Hamburger Buns.
  6. Farmer’s Market today will be featuring Stewart from C&S Hydrohuts to talk about Hydroponic gardening. 2-5pm outside of Crosby!

Here are some of the things we are doing to practice sustainable sourcing:

  • Purchase and use local, Shepherd’s Grain wheat in all of our COG rolls, some desserts, cinnamon rolls, Iggy’s Pizza, and LoCro bread bowls.
  • We have a baker on campus who bakes everything fresh and local.
  • We host a farmer’s market every Wednesday in the Fall and Spring.
  • We utilize local HyrdoHut hydroponic lettuce and also have our own mini Hydroponic Garden.
  • We purchase local vegetables and fruit when in season and if not in season, we try to purchase at least organic.
  • We only serve MSC Certified Sustainable Fish.
  • We use local Cravens Coffee in all of retail locations (with the exception of Jazzmans, which is FairTrade).
  • We have Cage Free Eggs available in the COG.
  • We serve local, fresh, hormone free milk from Darigold.
  • LoCro market features local and organic items for sale at all times.
  • We use Eco-Lab cleaning products
  • Our appliances are Energy Star rated
  • We only use recyclable paper in our offices.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Look for the L icon when eating in the COG to know you are eating locally.
  • Understand your local growing calender
  • Support Farmer’s Markets around town.
  • Look for the “Buy Local” Signage around town.
  • Purchase green cleaning supplies
  • Use items with recycled content

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