Sustainability Challenge Day 2: Fight Waste & Hunger

Today we focus our efforts on Fighting Waste and Hunger which also coincides with Sodexo’s Global Waste-Less Day. To participate in the challenge pick up a form at the COG or download one here.

Here are some of the promo’s we are running today to encourage people to Waste-Less:

  1. The COG will be passing out samples in order to encourage people to try the dish before they take the entire plate.
  2. All retail locations are offering a 99cent drip coffee to anyone who brings in a Reusable Cup.

Here are a just a few things we are doing every day to Fight Hunger and Waste-Less:

  1. In 2008, we eliminated the sale of our #1 best selling item: Water Bottles. We were one of the first campuses to do so.
  2. Also in 2008, we eliminated trays in the COG in order reduce post consumer food waste and save water.
  3. Every year we raise money and volunteer for 2nd Harvest through a variety of outlets including Helping Hands, a golf tournament and auction. Last year we donated over $15,000 to help fight hunger.
  4. We work with Communities in Schools to help provide backpacks filled with food to help supply underprivileged elementary students with meals on the weekends.
  5. We compost, donate what we can to Campus Kitchen and Recycle.
  6. We use a program called LeanPath to help track our waste and raise awareness.
  7. We won Recycler of the Year in conjunction with Gonzaga awarded by Washington State Recycler’s Association.
  8. We have eliminated all Styrofoam on campus.
  9. We offer cup discounts for using a reusable cup.
  10. We always print on recyclable paper.
  11. We recycle all of our fryer oil to turn it into bio diesel.

Here are a few things YOU can do to help fight hunger and waste-less:

  1. Donate to our Helping Hands Campaign starting October 29th to benefit Second Harvest Inland Northwest.
  2. Purchase items at our Retail Locations that give back to the Sodexo Foundation which mission is to fight hunger.
  3. Take only what you can eat, you can always go back for more.
  4. Ask for a sample before taking a whole plate.
  5. Plan meals before you go shopping so you only buy what you need.
  6. Use a reusable water bottle and/or coffee mug.
  7. Use bulk condiments
  8. Buy in bulk when possible
  9. Bring a reusable bag to the store
  10. Print double sided on recyclable paper

Tell us what you are doing today on twitter by using the hashtag #sustainabilitychallenge and you will instantly (@zagdining)!


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