Sustainability Challenge is Coming! Participate & WIN!

On Monday, October 15th we are kicking off our Sustainability Challenge! We are challenging ourselves and YOU to be more sustainable. Each day we are focusing on two of our commitments and showing you what we are doing to make every day a better day. What we need YOU to do is challenge yourself! Pick up a challenge card from the cashiers at the COG or by printing the one in this post and write down each day what you are doing to support those commitments. At the end of the week, hand in your challenge cards to the COG cashiers and we will be giving away prizes like Discover, iTunes and gift cards!

Here are some of the promotions we are running during each day:

  • Monday the 15th: Protect the Planet-Reduce Carbon Intensity & Water Waste

Meatless Monday in the COG

Get a 12″ Veggie Sandwich @ SubCo for the price of 6″

Iggy’s Sustainable Pick Up Special $5 for a Cheese or Pepperoni

  • Tuesday 16th: Fight Waste/Hunger

COG samples of food to encourage people to try before they take something

99cent drip coffee at all retail locations when using a reusable mug

  • Wednesday 17th: Sourcing Local & Sustainable

Shepherd’s Grain Cinnamon Rolls just .99cents in all of our locations

Buy a LoCro Shepherd’s Grain Soup bowls & receive a free local cravens coffee latte with flavor

Iggy’s Shepherd’s Grain Sustainable Pick Up Special $5 for a Cheese or Pepperoni

Farmer’s Market featuring Stewart from C&S Hydrohuts

  • Thursday 18th: Community Day/Fair Trade

COG-sign up for 2nd Harvest & Food For Thought Volunteering

All drip Fair Trade Coffee (That Includes Jazzmans!) is 99cents

  • Friday 19th: Nutrition

Use MyFitness Pal to track Sodexo recipes in the COG and Simply to Go

The COG will be serving all well balanced items

Purchase a Spikes Turkey Burger and receive a FREE reusable cup

Iggy’s Gluten Free Specialty Pick Up Price just $6 for cheese or pepperoni



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