What’s New After Spring Break-The COG

Welcome back from Spring Break! Here are some new things going on in the COG!

1) Vegetarian/Vegan Scramble station in Spokane room on brunch days- we will have all vegetarian items from our omelet station along with small planet tofu, tofurkey sausage, soyrizo and diced potatoes. Choose with whole eggs, egg whites or vegan scramble 
2) Gluten Free Options on PM Classics and AM/PM International- all proteins and vegetables will be 100% Gluten free, Asian sauces will be made with Tamari (gluten free soy sauce) and cream based sauces will be gluten free as well. At times we may have a pasta side on Classics but will also have an option of the same pasta made with gluten rice penne.  Gluten Free Pasta will also always be available at our Pasta Station Sunday-Thursday Nights and the Alfredo and Marinara Sauce are both Gluten Free
3) We have a new culinarian (Dana Marsh) making our soups Monday-Friday and have a good rotation that will be exciting. Everyday there will be a Vegan Soup and all Soups will also be Gluten Free.

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