Soy Allergy?

We were recently approached by someone who has a soy allergy that was wondering what foods to stay away from in the COG and what foods are okay. Here is the answer from our executive chef, Thomas Morisette.

#1) Easiest to identify any dish with edamame of tofu which is on our vegetarian station and featured on some meatless Monday dishes

 #2) Dishes containing soy sauce- when we are back from spring break the International and Classics stations will be 100% Gluten free which also means no soy sauce used so that should make things a little easier for you.

#3) The main one to watch for any dish that is deep fried, we use a soy based fryer oil which would be the main reason for the majority of our dishes containing soybean. So french fries, tartar tots and breaded meats or breaded fish you would want to stay away from. Any dishes pan fried or off the grill (vegetables, non breaded meats, omelets station, eggs, hash browns) are cooked with canola oil so are fine.

With our signs sometimes just one simple component of the dish may contain soy such as the garnish (bread, deep fried wonton, or a drizzle of soy sauce which we would have as and option on the station) so you can always ask the chef on that station. We are in the process of having allergy training with our core staff (leads, international, classics and vegetarian cooks) to discuss allergies since we are going gluten free on 2 stations so they will be well educated on the dishes and will be able to better accommodate you.


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