What’s Local & Organic In the COG?

Why Buy Organic?


On Tuesday Zag Dining loaded up a table with foods highlighting local and organic produce we are currently using for the month of February. Local products reduce transportation costs and help support local businesses, but why buy organic products? We would like to provide 5 great reasons to purchase organically produced foods:

1)      Organic products rely on fewer chemicals. While eating organic foods you can rest assured knowing that your meal is free of additives, the way nature intended.

2)      Less farm pollution. Overuse of pesticides and fertilizers in traditional agriculture has created major problems in the US. Organics rely on increased labor rather than chemical inputs, meaning that the food you eat doesn’t unnecessarily pollute rivers and streams.

3)      Support small-scale farming. On average organic farms are smaller-scale than their conventional counterparts. Through eating organic foods you are supporting farmers that have a personal connection to the food they cultivate.

4)      Promote biodiversity. The introduction of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) has led to drastic increases in food production but also has reduced the number of crop varieties currently in production. Organic crops rely on a wide range of varieties and ensure a minimum variety in crop diversity. In addition organics reduce the harmful impact of pesticides on insects, mammals and birds.

5)      Preserve soil quality. Mono-cropping (growing one variety of crop over a large area) and pesticides leads to the loss of valuable top soils. Aside from abstaining from pesticide use many organic farmers use beneficial herbs and insects to retain soil quality in their fields.


Currently available organic foods at the Marketplace:

–         Oranges (Booth Ranches, CA)

–         Rainbow Chard (Pure Pacific Organics, CA)

–         Potatoes (CA)

–         Pears (Stemilt Growers, WA)

–         Apples (Borton & Sons, WA)

–         Green Bib (Hydrohuts, WA)

–         Kale (Joe Heger Farms, CA)

–         Baby Greens (Earthbound Farm, CA)

–         Carrots (Earthbound Farm, CA)

–         Tofu (Small Planet Tofu, WA)

–         Mandarin Oranges (CA)


Keep your eyes out for another table laden with local and organic foods come March!


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