What’s New At Zag Dining Spring Semester

What’s New At Zag Dining Spring 2012:

1) Saturday Themed Dinner Buffets– Every Saturday we will be featuring a rotation of the following themed buffets- Mexican, Italian, Asian and American Bounty. By the time we are on week 4, we will have more options available so that we are not just rotating these 4. We will have our customers vote for their favorites so we can be sure to repeat the most popular ones.

2) Pop Up Dining– As requested by students, we will be having student’s favorite bars pop up at random times such as Chicken Nugget/Quesadilla/Nacho/Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup. We will have our customers vote for their favorites so we can be sure to repeat the most popular ones. Also, look for some upcoming Mediterranean Bars as well such as Build your own Risotto/Paella and Flatbread Pizza Bars

3) More Whole Grain Wheat Options– we will still carry Hamburger Buns, Hoagie Rolls, Deli Bread and Bagels in whole grain wheat. We will be adding Whole Grain Wheat English Muffins, Wraps at Deli, Tortilla and Pita Bread as well.

4) Vegetable Bar (Basic Salad Bar)- We will be featuring more local products such as salad mixes from C and S Hydro cuts and Crudité vegetables such as Mushroom, Grilled Zucchini and Yellow Squash. We will also be sourcing organic produce (baby carrots, cherry tomato and Spinach) from California. House made Hummus will always be a staple at this station and this semester we will also be offering Plain Greek Yogurt and Rotating flavors of Small Planet Tofu. As Always, students should feel free to bring any items from the Vegetable Bar to the kitchen and can have made into a stir-fry or steamed

5) Tossed Salad Station- We will now be featuring 3 new house made salad dressing Creamy Pesto Dressing, Balsamic Honey Dijon Vinaigrette and Huckleberry Vinaigrette. Our Vinaigrettes are gluten and dairy free and have half the calories of regular dressings.

6) Expanded Vegan Options– Our Vegetarian Station will be featuring more ethnic/healthy dishes and 90 percent of all dishes will be vegan. If a certain dish is not vegan such as Lasagna we will always have a Vegan Option at the vegetarian station. We have increased our vegetable protein options as well. We will be seeing more dishes with Organic Red Quinoa, Lentils, Tempeh, Seitan, and Edamame Beans. Also, all of our Tofu will be Small Planet Tofu which is Organic and the company was started 40 miles north of Spokane. Flavored Tofu will always be at our vegetable bar during lunch and dinner and regular tofu will always be at our omlette (for tofu scrammble) and tossed salad station.

7) Sustainable Seafood– Along with our Initiative to only source sustainable seafood we will be featuring Fish on all Fridays at Dinner and will have more seafood options “pop up” to reflect the season and availability of fresh seafood

8) Chef/Sous Chef/Lead Visibility- The Executive Chef or Sous Chef will always be Visible at all Lunch and Dinner Services during peek times in the Dining Room. They are easily spotted by the tall chef’s hat and are there to assist students with menu option and answer question or concerns about dietary needs. Furthermore, a kitchen lead (Andre, Liz or Josh) will always be at the Grill Station during these hours and are available as well.

9) Starting on January 23rd, we will have in house made Sourdough Soup Bowls made from Shepherd’s Grain available at LoCro.

10) SubCo now offers Breakfast Sandwiches and Jazzmans Coffee and opens up at 7:30am.

11) SubCo will feature the Turkey Bacon Ranch Sandwich in the months of January and February.

12) Jazzmans will be featuring a brand new Honey Latte and Flax Seed Berry Muffin in the months of January and February.

13) Iggy’s has a new revamped menu and will continue to feature $9 pizza specials every weekend.

14) Spikes will be hosting Build a Better Burger. Submissions will start January 23rd and the Build Off will be February 16th!

15) Plenty of more events and promotions to come this semester!



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