Dozens of Gonzaga Students helped make Reforest Spokane Day a Success!

This last Saturday 55 student volunteers rolled up  their sleeves and got down and dirty to help plant 10,000 Ponderosa Pines for Reforest Spokane Day. Here at Zag Dining we would like to thank these volunteers for dedicating their Saturday to help ‘green up’ Spokane. Students spent the day planting saplings at Sky Prairie Park near Five Mile. While Mother Nature decided to throw a rainy curve ball, Zag volunteers persevered and made the event a great success. At the end of the day we had planted at least 400 trees. The Lands Council (the organizer of the event) estimates that between 50-70% of the trees will reach maturity; that means that anywhere from 200-280 trees will beatify the Five-Mile area of Spokane. These trees will help filter pollutants out of the air/water and once mature will sequester up to 630 tons of carbon per year from the air¹!

After planting pines with the Lands Council students sped over to Finch Arboretum for a memorial tree planting in honor of the late Dr. Wangari Maathai. A mature Ponderosa Pine was planted in honor of Dr. Maathai and a plaque honoring her mission was installed next to the tree. Gonzaga students attached messages of hope to the tree with the hope that the messages would biodegrade and be lifted up, heard, and acted upon. To commemorate her work three speakers, including Gonzaga’s own Father Barraza and graduate student Evelyne Ello Hart passionately spoke of Dr. Maathai’s contribution to the peoples of the world and the good works she inspired by her dedication to the environment and social justice.

Once again we want to thank all students who were able to come out and volunteer last Saturday. Make sure to check back for more Zag Dining sponsored events as the year progresses!

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1* Feng, Hongli. “The Dynamics of Carbon Sequestration and Alternative Carbon Accounting, with an Application to the Upper Mississippi River Basin.” Ecological Economics 54.1 (2005): 23-35. Print.


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