Following a Paleo Diet at the COG

Attention fellow students: Have you ever felt helpless at the COG, constantly surrounded by carbs when you’re desperately trying to eat healthy?  Ever wished there was an alternative to satisfy your hunger needs without gaining those unwanted, excess calories?  Well today is your lucky day.

My name is Emily McKaig and I’m a resident sophomore on campus with a meal plan that utilizes the COG each and every day.  In addition to this, I currently follow the Paleo Diet, or the Caveman Diet, that is based on foods being either in or out.  By this I mean, it prioritizes foods that we ate prior to agriculture and animal evolution.

The Paleo diet aims to mimic the eating habits of our ancestors in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  In order to satisfy its requirements I must center my diet around the foods our hunter-gatherer friends first obtained—that of any meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and nuts.  This means no carbohydrates and definitely no sweets.

I know what you’re thinking.  There’s absolutely no way this can be done in the COG given the dining choices.  But, ah, you’re wrong. In fact, in my opinion the COG makes it easier for me to maintain my diet than I found at home this summer.

 Quite often I find myself in the salad line customizing a salad for my taste of the day.  Other days I hit up the chefs special to eat the meat that is provided.  If by chance it’s not as lean as I need it to be, I just ask a chef behind the counter to grill me a chicken breast and within 5-8 minutes I’m sitting and enjoying my custom meal.

The message I urge to leave here with is it is fact possible to eat healthy at the COG and the kind chefs WILL work with you to accommodate any of your dietary needs.  Yes, there will always be the juicy hamburger and the delicious cookies, but with the will power to stick to a strict and healthy lifestyle, the COG can be your best friend.


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