Reforest Spokane With the Lands Council & Zag Dining

Lands Council to Plant 10,000 Ponderosa Pines in Spokane

The Lands Council, a regional conservation group, has pledged to begin a sweeping reforestation program this next month. The organization’s proposal for “Reforest Spokane Day” has been chosen as a finalist for Tom’s of Maine’s “50 States for Good” competition. Voting has already ended for the contest and the Lands Council is confident that it will be among the winners when Tom’s of Maine announces the top vote-receiving proposals on October 11th.

“Reforest Spokane Day” on Saturday, October 22nd, seeks to plant 10,000 ponderosa pines around the Spokane area in a single day. The Lands Council has already ordered 10,000 seedlings from local nurseries in anticipation of the event which will be the largest planting effort in the organization’s history. “Reforest Spokane Day” promises to add areas of much-needed shade, reduce traffic noise, and help beautify Spokane as the trees progress to maturity in the coming years.

To accomplish this incredible feat the Lands Council is counting on the help of at least 500 volunteers from the community. As part of our dedication to sustainability and our Better Tomorrow Commitments Zag Dining has decided to join with the Lands Council on October 22nd and will provide transportation for any and all Gonzaga students interested in volunteering for the event. Volunteers will travel to local sites to plant tree seedlings from 9 AM to noon on October 22nd.

For more information on the Lands Council click here to visit their website.

You can also read a recent article by the Spokesman Review about the Lands Council’s reforestation efforts here.

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in volunteering to help plant some of the 10,000 ponderosa pines on Saturday, October 22nd with the Lands Council email Zag Dining’s Student Manager of Sustainability Parker Townley at with the topic “Reforest Spokane Day”. We will provide transportation to and from the event.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to give back to our community!


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