Starting The School Year Off Right

Zag Dining is starting the year off right by promoting Health and Wellness Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.  Starting today, we invite you to enjoy El Toro de la Noche, an evening dedicated to healthy food that celebrates the zest and carefree spirit, as a tribute to Spain.  Wellness is central to Sodexo & Zag Dining’s daily interactions with nearly 10 million guests. From the food they eat to the air they breathe, from safe facilities to resources that help support a balanced lifestyle, Sodexo is there.

With foods rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, beans, fish, and poultry, the Mediterranean, including the Spanish, diet fuels our bodies.  Zag Dining guests can celebrate the benefits of the Spanish diet by engaging in El Toro de la noche this evening, Farmer’s Market every other Thursday and more events to come!

We pride ourselves on not only providing proper nutrition, but also promoting healthy life habits to improve the quality of daily life for the people we serve.  We hope you can join us for our kick off event tonight at the Marketplace as we celebrate a wonderful culture, cuisine, and starting the year off right!


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