Sustainable NorthWESTERN BBQ!

Thank you to all who came to our NorthWestern BBQ Hoedown this past Friday! We hope you all had a wonderful time and enjoyed the delicious food.  Speaking of the food…did you know that almost everything we served was from a local producer?  Here is some more information regarding the products we used to support our local community and our commitment to sustainability.

THE PIG…Yes, he was a great photo opp for our guests, but do you know where he came from?

Our tasty little piggy came from Carlton Farms.  “Located in the Coast Range foothills of northwest Oregon’s Yamhill Valley, Carlton Farms produces fresh, handcrafted meats of the highest quality for select restaurants, gourmet markets, and customers with discriminating tastes throughout the Pacific Northwest. A family-owned business, we specialize in premium fresh and natural pork as well as exceptional beef, lamb, and a variety of sausages and smoked meats.”  For those of you who tasted this fine specimen, our Pig was smoked with applewood for 8 hours, pulled and smothered in our Zag Dining homemade bbq sauce.

Where’s the Beef? Well, that came from Baron Farms inWapato, Washington.  From the website: “Baron Farms raises all of the animals that become our products on our farm in Wapato, Washington. When you choose Baron Farms, you will know exactly where your food comes from.  Our processes are very grass centric. Grass is a great food source full of the nutrients that result when the sun combines with soil.  It is a substantial reason why our products are healthier for you.  Nothing is confined.  Grass grows best in a pasture but no so well in a cage.  It takes more time to do it that way but everything wins including the animals, the soil, and you.  Baron Farms is local.  We do not ship our products beyond the great Pacific Northwest (Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, and Northern California).

Our Fish from the (Farmed) Sea!  Cedar Planked Salmon came in whole and fresh to us from the Atlantic Farms. OK, you may  think that is not very sustainable, when indeed it is.  According to U.S. farmed freshwater coho salmon is a “Best Choice” due to the reduced risk of escaped fish and the spread of pollution and disease to the surrounding environment.  As you may or may not know, Sodexo has signed an agreement to use only certified sustainable seafood in all production by 2015.  Check out the article here.

The salmon at the BBQ was topped with a Huckleberry Coulis.  For those newcomers to the Pacific Northwest, a Huckleberry is very much like a blueberry, but rarer and can only be found in the wild. Most Huckleberries grow in Idaho and Montana. They require elevations of from 2,000 to 11,000 feet and reportedly thrive in acidic mountain soil.

Even our side dishes and desserts represented the Pacific Northwest:

Skagit Valley Tricolered Fingerling Potatoes (roasted with bacon, green peppers, garlic and onions then topped with parmesan cheese and herbs) Located just north of Seattle, here is a list of Skagit Valley produce.

Did you know that the Pullman, Washington in the Palouse is home of the the Lentil Festival every year and that 98% of the United States lentils come from that area?  That’s why we served Cowboy Bean and Lentil Stew roasted peppers, onions and garlic, highlighted with cumin and chili spices.

Our Northwest Foraged Spokane Field Greens were a huge hit! They were dressed up with Oregon Blue Cheese,  candied pecans, bib and read leaf lettuce from C&S Hydrohuts, and roasted bell pepper buttermilk dressing.

We also served local Spokane Corn as well as Cornbread.  And last but not least…THE COBBLERS!! One filled with Yakima, WA peaches and one with Washington Apples.

Here is a quick slideshow of all of our photos. We will post our favorites on Facebook soon! PS DONT FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE HILARIOUS BULL RIDING PHOTOS! Enjoy: 

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