In the news & Sustainable September

Today marks the first day of September. For those of you who are new to Spokane, the city celebrates “Sustainable September,” which is is an annual month-long series of events dedicated to promoting

sustainability in the Spokane community.

We were so pleased to pick up the Spokesman Review today and see former Zag Dining Marketing Manager, Kristi Theisen and her husband Aaron in the news in regards to Sustainable September! Kristi, who is now a senior manager for Sodexo in Sustainability & Wellness, is a great example of how our employees take our “jobs” home with us.  Meaning that, not only do we talk the talk of the importance of sustainability on campus, but we walk the walk too!

Kristi and Aaron decided 5 years ago to forgo the traditional landscaping of their South Hill home because they realized how much water they were wasting. In an effort to reduce their waste, they decided to do some reasearch on “dry” landscaping.  Check out the article here for more details!

Being inspired by this article and the Theisen’s commitments to waste reduction, we’ve decided in the month of September to feature other employees of Zag Dining and highlight their sustainable efforts at home! We hope you like the series!


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