LeanPath-Zag Dining’s New Waste Reduction Tool!

Over the summer, our Resident Dining Team went through various trainings and had many education opportunities. One of those trainings was on a new tool called LeanPath.  LeanPath is a technology company providing food waste tracking systems to the hospitality, foodservice, and restaurant industries. The company’s core offering, is a comprehensive waste tracking technology package that helps foodservice operators reduce food waste, save food dollars and operate more sustainable facilities.

Here’s a video of Andre Montgomery teaching some of the Resident Dining staff on how to use LeanPath and its advantages:

Here is more information from LeanPath’s website.

Vision & Mission

LeanPath’s vision is to enable foodservice, restaurant, and hospitality managers to operate successful, profitable businesses that improve the environment by minimizing food waste. By reducing food waste at the source and diverting residual food waste that cannot be avoided, these operators will prevent harmful carbon and methane emissions from the unnecessary production and disposal of wasted food.

LeanPath’s mission is to provide the food waste tracking systems and consulting resources needed by chefs and managers to implement less wasteful, more efficient, and more profitable culinary and business practices.

Support for Sustainable Food Systems

LeanPath also applauds the efforts of food professionals and affiliates to create more sustainable foodservice operations in areas beyond waste management, including sustainable food sourcing, compostable disposables, energy and water efficiency, green building, and education/outreach activities. Together, we can achieve a sustainable food system, one that enables us to “meet our needs today while ensuring future generations will be able to meet their own needs.”



3 thoughts on “LeanPath-Zag Dining’s New Waste Reduction Tool!

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