Meatless Monday!

Make your Mondays meatless! A great way to health andwellness at Zag Dining is Meatless Monday, a part of the HealthyMonday program, a movement of people and organizationsacross the country who commit every Monday to behaviors andactions that will help end preventable disease in the UnitedStates.The Meatless Monday campaign has garnered attention in theUnited States and abroad. Zag Dining promotes Meatless Monday as yet another way to emphasize the importance of health and wellness in the communities we serve. This movementsupports our Better Tomorrow Commitments that speak toensuring a bright and sustainable future for our people andenvironment.


WHAT IS MEATLESS MONDAY?An international movement to help people reduce their meat consumption by 15% to improve personal health and the healthof the planet. It is an initiative of The Monday Campaigns, inassociation with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of PublicHealth.

WHAT MEATLESS MONDAY IS NOT:An attempt to convert meat-eaters to vegetarianism. It is aboutpromoting healthy behaviors, educating consumers and givingthem options. Consumers will make lifestyle decisions on theirown.

WHY MEATLESS?On average, Americans consume 8 ounces of meat per day –45% more than the USDA recommends. Going meatless oncea week can reduce the risk of chronic preventable conditionslike cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. It canalso help limit our carbon footprint and save precious resourceslike fresh water and fossil fuel.

WHY MONDAY?Multiple studies have shown that periodic health prompts leadto positive behavior change. Monday is the beginning of the week, making it the perfect time to reevaluate choices andset intentions for the coming days. Meatless Monday allowsfor a scheduled, recurring reminder to start the week off on anutritious note.

WHO’S WITH THE PROGRAM? We are in good company on Meatless Mondays. The city ofSan Francisco, Baltimore City Public Schools and Manhattanborough president Scott Stringer have all decided to makeMondays meatless, just to name a few. In the U.S., over 30college campuses have also embraced the campaign. Ontop of that, Meatless Monday programs have popped up inBritain, Brazil, Holland, Canada, Finland, Taiwan and Australia.Further, major food personalities, celebrities and leaderssuch as Michael Pollan, Al Gore, Sir Paul McCartney, GwynethPaltrow and Mario Batali are backing the movement.

Some great recipes you can look forward to will include Bow Ties with Butternut Squash & Portobello, Harvest Vegetable & Quinoa Cup, Pasta Primavera, Cuban Roasted Vegetables with Rice & Black Beans, Pad Thai with Tofu, Fettuccine Alfredo, Vegetarian Chili, Roasted Vegetable Pita, Seven Wonders Stir Fry, Baked Ziti with Vegetables, Portobello Rustico, Ratatouille Manicotti,  Kibbeh Nikki, Roasted Eggplant Parm Ciabatta, Gardenburger Bruschetta Wrap, Fresh Vegetable Curry,Morningstar Sausage & Egg Frittata and so much more!



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